Is having an Online Professional Profile necessary?

If you feel that developing Professional Profile online isn’t important…think again.

1354529352706509159recruitment-hiWhen you are applying for a job vacancy, you are not the only applicant out there. With the long list of applicants, not to mention some have better job experience than you, how are you going to “WOW” your employers with only a CV or Resume?

Previously, I’ve talked about Digital Residents and Visitors. Most people are Digital Residents at some aspects of their life, so why not use the approach professionally? Build your own personal branding online! Make yourself authentic and unique from others.

Ways to develop your online profile professionally:

1) Create an account on work-related platforms such as LinkedIn. (Beginner’s guide to LinkedIn). But creating is not enough, you have to manage it regularly and develop your professional identity.passion

2) Hobby matters! Apart from your current experiences and qualifications, employers look at what you are passionate about. Including activities like doing volunteering services regularly, interest in self-learning IT skills. If you like photography, show off your skills on Instagram, and write a simple but captivating description of your pictures! Based on your hobbies, employers can tell how dedicated/motivated you are as a person (your attitude).

3) Try Blogging – An ideal way of sharing knowledge and thoughts that are topics of your interests. Write useful and organized content, demonstrate creativity and critical thinking. Not only will you learn something while researching for your content, you are also building an image of yourself through your thoughts and writings.

4) Separate personal from work accounts, it’d be better if you can private your personal accounts. You may not know who’s googling you! And would definitely not want inappropriate or easily-misinterpreted posts/images/videos to be seen by your potential employer.

5) Finally, be Consistent in your usernames, profile pictures, professional identity so that it can be easily accessible and avoids confusion.

Keeping in mind these 4 pointers ↓


Meanwhile, keep in mind what you shouldn’t do too:

Social platforms like Facebook can be useful to keep in touch with colleagues, but be cautious. Don’t badmouth anyone even if they are your ex-employers. If you want to post pictures on professional accounts, avoid those showing you are partying away, post something meaningful like company or volunteering events (Justine Sacco learned her lesson the hard way).


I don’t have an authentic online profile yet, but I’ll probably have one in the future. Right now, I’m starting off with blogging. My advice: You don’t have to rush into developing an Online Professional Profile, start by planning how you want to build it, the image you want to convey. As it is an online profile, bear in mind that what’s created on the web stays forever. So you would want to stand out, in a good way…

Comment below, and tell me what you feel, cheers! 😊

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